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Selling with Empathy and Integrity (Right Now and Always)


This week's episode is entitled "Selling with Empathy and Integrity (Right Now and Always)" and we are pleased to have as our guest, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group and author of multiple best-selling books.

His new book coming July 2020, Virtual Selling, is available for pre-order, along with other books, Rainmaking Conversations, Insight Selling. Folks, do yourself a favor, go to the website for tons of resources, research, webinars, blog posts. These guys do a great job when it comes to content.

I ask Mike "What are you seeing from organizations that have been traditionally in person sellers?"  

Quite frankly, the value prop you bring isn't necessarily different just because you're not in person. Because you can't see someone at a trade show doesn't mean you can't still talk to them.

Mike shares five things that are really different now when it comes to virtual selling.

  1. Managing yourself
  2. Managing meetings
  3. How you set up and build relationships
  4. How you get people to make decisions and how you get them to choose you
  5. How you actually manage a team that is completely distributed 

Of course in light of current times, we also talk about whether or not this pandemic will really permanently change anything. 

Listen in now and/or read the transcript on our blog starting Mon. 5/25/20 6am PST. 

More Sleep, More Sales: The Direct, Science-based Connection Between Sleep and Revenue


This week's episode is entitled "More Sleep, More Sales: The Direct, Science-based Connection Between Sleep and Revenue".  Our guest is Jeff Kahn is CEO and Co-Founder of RISE.

In this current world of uncertainty, and stress, and work from home, and homeschooling from home, and all this crazy stuff, getting a better night's sleep is crazy important. Jeff has been at Rise Science now for over six years. I ask him why sleep is such a passion and why he created a business around this.

It was just the simple fact for us that sleep affects, as far as I can tell, every measurable thing that we do know about human functioning, sleep has an effect on that measure. So to think about something that impacts everything that you do, impacts how long you live, and then impacts billions of people, that, it's almost unheard of. There really is nothing else that really impacts people at that scale.

Right now, people are working harder. The boundaries between work and home have really kind of evaporated as we're working from home right now. Jeff gives us some examples of the impact and the correlation between good sleep and productivity, and why that's even more important right now.  Listen in to hear his answer to the question "Can you make up sleep debt?"

We talk about the science of sleep. We talk about precisely how getting more sleep can help you get more sales.  Jeff also tells us how the app works. Check them out, Go to your favorite app store and look for Rise: Track Sleep. They have generously made the app available for free right now to help folks sort of get through this current craziness.

Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel.  I interview the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing.  If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to Sheena.

Marketing’s Leadership Moment: Pivots and More with Kevin Marasco


This week's episode is entitled "Marketing’s Leadership Moment: Pivots and more with Kevin Marasco" Kevin is the CEO of Zenefits

Kevin walks me through the many changes and pivots they have made in recent months.  It's a lot of change-- changing how they communicate with customers, changing their content strategy.  I ask him to talk about managing his team through all of this and as a marketing leader, how does he manage his team through it successfully?
"I think it starts with empathy and understanding the individual and where they are, and even your teams and where they are." 

This and a lot more!  Listen now or read the transcript on our blog starting Mon. 5/11/20. 

How to Strategically Align Sales and Marketing in B2B


In most B2B companies, sales and marketing aren’t strategically aligned.  In this podcast Kevin Knieriem shows how to repair sometimes warring factions.  This program is for Sales and Marketing Management.

One of the biggest challenges we've seen is the silos between sales and marketing. I ask Kevin how he sees some of the leading companies addressing this conundrum-- And, how is he seeing them overcome and actually create stronger bonds and cohesion between sales and marketing.

We also talk about how he's starting to create and operationalize revenue operations in his own company. He tells us a little bit about what he's seen and experienced including a set of best practices of how to take what can often be good strategic alignment between sales and marketing and really bringing it down to a tactical level like getting going from, "we agree to revenue responsibility across departments at S-K-O" to, what do we do on Tuesday?

He shares some keys to helping make sure operational alignment happens on a day to day tactical level.

I think finally we're seeing a number of places where AI is having real practical applicability and it feels more accessible to organizations.

I also ask him, are there other applications of AI he sees specifically and are there additional elements that may be more theoretical now, that he thinks in the next 1-3 years are going to become more reachable?

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How to Accelerate Growth Through Customer Intimacy


This week's episode is entitled "How to Accelerate Growth Through Customer Intimacy" and our guest is Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing and the author of Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth.

Among other things, I ask Laura to talk about marketing performance management and helping to drive and measure marketing accountability-- what that means and why that's so important.

A lot of marketers are either not measuring the right things or measuring things that tell a different story than they intend to. When we talk about marketing accountability and measuring the marketing's impact on the business, it's not just a scorecard. There's a story behind that that has to speak to a business result of the marketing, not just a marketing result. Laura shares what that difference means and why is it important. 

This and a lot more!  Listen in now or read the full transcript on our blog starting Monday, 5/4/20 6am PST.  


Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel.  I interview the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing.  If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to Sheena.

Coronavirus, Trade Shows and Value vs Venue


This week's episode is entitled "Coronavirus, Trade Shows and Value vs Venue".

So many cancelled conferences!  The people who wanted to attend are missing out on something. The people who wanted to sponsor are missing out on something. The people who produce the conference are going to miss out on something. So what was that and how do you now use that?

The last thing I want anyone to do is think about this as an opportunity. I've been really trying not to use that word this week because no one should be opportunistic when lives are at stake.

For the people organizing events, for the people planning on producing the events, the most common response I have seen is, "We are going to do a virtual event. We are going to take all of that learning in-person, we're going to do that online."

But what if what attendees really want isn't just the content, they want the community? What if you took those same resources and created small micro versions of your event? What if you use this as a way to catalyze actually creating and activating those local user groups to help your customers to help people in your community get together in person? There's a thousand ways you could actually do that. But in the past when you've just said, "Wow, we'll just go to the regular trade show and just do it all at once." It feels more efficient. Now a virus has forced our hand, but you got to think about where is that value exchange, what is actually valued in that process along the way? 

Listen in for this and MORE and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 3/16 or check out our related blog post.  

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