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Selling with Empathy and Integrity (Right Now and Always)

May 22, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "Selling with Empathy and Integrity (Right Now and Always)" and we are pleased to have as our guest, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group and author of multiple best-selling books.

His new book coming July 2020, Virtual Selling, is available for pre-order, along with other books, Rainmaking Conversations, Insight Selling. Folks, do yourself a favor, go to the website for tons of resources, research, webinars, blog posts. These guys do a great job when it comes to content.

I ask Mike "What are you seeing from organizations that have been traditionally in person sellers?"  

Quite frankly, the value prop you bring isn't necessarily different just because you're not in person. Because you can't see someone at a trade show doesn't mean you can't still talk to them.

Mike shares five things that are really different now when it comes to virtual selling.

  1. Managing yourself
  2. Managing meetings
  3. How you set up and build relationships
  4. How you get people to make decisions and how you get them to choose you
  5. How you actually manage a team that is completely distributed 

Of course in light of current times, we also talk about whether or not this pandemic will really permanently change anything. 

Listen in now and/or read the transcript on our blog starting Mon. 5/25/20 6am PST.