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Outbound Lives: Take Control of your Pipeline and Beat Your Competitors to Market




I was honored to talk with Anthony Iannarino in this episode called, Outbound Lives: Take Control of your Pipeline and Beat Your Competitors to Market.

Anthony is at He's an author of numerous books including the most recent book, Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away From Your Competition. He is one of the co-founders of the OutBound Conference, which we discuss but I started out by asking, "Anthony, we've got to get the elephant in the room. We got to cover it first. Why, Anthony Iannarino, do you hate social selling?"

Anthony's give us his answer:  Here's a taste... listen in for his whole response and a lot more!

I don't know if you know this or not, but social selling is dead, and I would challenge you to go find anybody that's really talking about it even on LinkedIn anymore. It all went away and was replaced by account-based marketing and now what is being called the digital transformation of sales, which so far nobody can explain to me.

Hitting Your Number and Doing it the Right Way: This and More Advice from Workfront CEO Alex Shootman



Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront joins us this time as we talk about principals of doing things "The Right Way".  Check out his book, Done Right: How Tomorrow's Top Leaders Get Stuff Done.

It pulls from over thirty original interviews with experienced leaders across a variety of industries to show how tomorrow's leaders can effectively navigate the modern workforce.

"... this notion of getting it done and doing it right-- and mentally, if you think about a two by two grid, with a vertical axis being getting it done in a horizontal axis, being doing it right, it's a notion of ... the vertical axis is low to high. Are you getting it done or are you not getting it done? Doing it right is are you living up to the values of an organization or are you not living up to the values of an organization? It's this notion of if you're not getting it done but not doing it right, it's probably not great place for you. If you're doing it right, but you're not getting it done, you have the values of the organization, but you might need some coaching on how to objectively accomplish the role that you've been given."

"If you're getting it done and you're doing it right, you're the person that everybody ought to see their name in lights. The tough one is if you're getting it done, but you're not doing it right, you probably ought to be fired faster than anybody in the organization, because nothing destroys the pursuit of the culture that you want in a company faster than being willing to tolerate people who can accomplish their goals but don't live up to the values of the organization."

"What I found over time is I believe people are good and people want to do the right thing. A lot of times they just haven't been given the space to put a premium on values."

Learn more at

Follow Alex on Twitter @shootman


Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Each week at 11:30 am Pacific time (plus 8 hours UTC Time) Matt Heinz interviews the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing.  If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to:

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How to Set Hundreds of Appointments with No Cold Calling (Here’s How Guidant Financial Does It)



In this episode host Matt Heinz interviews Guidant Financial CEO Dave Nilssen.  They discuss his entrepreneurial journey and an important moment in time when he knew he had to pivot to a new business. 

  • Nilssen describes how his aversion to being sold changed his model for selling
  • Why "cold calling" wasn't an option for his business
  • How he moved from a monthly to a quarterly dashboard for planning
  • How he created “Inbound” lead generation tactics that fill his pipeline 
  • How they created good relevant, creditable content
  • Nilssen talked about the The Pivot which is a process, a moment in time, when it is suddenly clear that the time has come to PIVOT to a new business model
  • The PIVOT can be from one business to another
  • The PIVOT can be from one career or job to another
  • How to analyze the business gap


Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Each week at 11:30 am Pacific time (plus 8 hours UTC Time) Matt Heinz interviews the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing.  If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to:

 sheena @ Heinzmarketing dot com

Is Failure Your Friend? How One CEO Uses Failure as an Asset and Opportunity




I'm really very excited to have with us Brian Scudamore. He's the founder and CEO of O2E Brands, which may not sound like a name that you know but I guarantee you know some of his businesses.

We talk about his new book, WTF, Willing to Fail, How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success.

You'll learn how his entrepreneurial journey got started and a lot more!

"... as entrepreneurs you take risks, but you've got to be willing to pivot every step of the way and change as your customers need you to change or as the environment changes when you see new opportunities."

How Lifelong Learning Plus Humility Can Lead to Marketing Success




Listen in on this special, on-demand episode when I talk with Steven Rosen, executive coach, author, speaker, and founder of Star Results.  

Have you had or soon will have your 2019 sales kick off?  Either way, Steven shares his best tips for a successful sales year. 

Steven shares a ton of wisdom and practical tips in this short 17 minute show.  He'll touch on, how in sales execution, we often try to do too much and the importance of identifying and focusing on 2-3 key things to prevent losing focus. 

You'll love Steven's point of view about self discipline, learn why he believes "Sales is a discipline" and A LOT MORE! 

Can Knuckle-Dragging Salespeople Still Succeed? 



John Crowley in this interview with host Matt Heinz said “We live in a Jetson world, but it is the Flintstones that are Winning.”   John is referring of course to the subject of his best selling book, Knuckle Dragging Sales.  Crowley is co-founder and creator of the Knuckle Dragging Sales System.  Author, speaker, mentor, coach and just a Knuckle-Dragging Sales Guy, John and Matt discussed what drove him to write the book and create a system that is not fraught with the usual sales gimmicks, shallow tips and tricks.

In the interview they discuss:

  • How salespeople are getting distracted by tips and tricks from books and podcasts, but ignore the basics of a professional salesperson.
  • John explores evergreen sales skills that must be learned and relearned to be successful in sales.
  • How technology is not always the complete liberator that it is supposed to be in delivering tops sales performance.
  • Why human interaction is the cornerstone for successful sales.
  • The reason that superior listening skills delivers happy customers
  • How no one in sales can completely succeed without delivering value to the customer for the entire sales cycle.
  • Why a strong sales mindset is the basis for success that cannot be ignored.

Want to have John Crowley at your next sales meeting?  Go here.

What’s Your Growth IQ? What it Means and Why it’s Important to Your Success




Listen in as Matt Heinz talks to Tiffani Bova, Global, Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at SalesForce .  You can follow her  @Tiffani_Bova

Check out the full transcription on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Monday January 21st.

Tiffani is the author of the recently published book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business.    

She discussed with Matt the reasons behind the book and why she wrote it.

This is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.    

She said that the number one thing CEOs and executives are focused on is growth.  Bova found the Growth IQ is how we get smarter about the decisions we make. What she would consistently see and hear were, we're having softness in our sales numbers or we're finding it more difficult to grow than we have in the past, and it would tend to pull the same levers. 

“Spend more marketing dollars, hire more sales people or cut costs, and that just couldn't be sustainable over time because we now have so much more data as we were just talking about the CRM systems and technologies is far advanced is where it was five or even 10 years ago.”

There were patterns, Bovi said, that she was hearing in high performance organizations and it she found she could sort these into specific patterns and she outlined 10 in the book.

She and Matt talked about what she learned about the combination and sequences of a growth pattern and the importance of implementation.    

Our advice? listen to Tiffani Bova’s Podcast.  Buy the book.

Hear Jim Ninivaggi Define Sales Enablement in a 5 Minute Podcast with Matt Heinz


Join us for this episode which is a five minute definition of Sales Enablement from  Jim Ninivaggi, Chief Readiness Officer at Brainshark, Inc.  In this extract from the original program, Sales Enablement’s Evolution from a Front Row Seat with Jim Ninivaggi  Jim defines sales enablement in simple direct terms that can be applied at every B2B company.  Brainshark is one of the preeminent companies in the field of sales enablement.


More about our guest:  Jim Ninivaggi

Jim is an established thought leader and business analyst from his former role as the head of SiriusDecisions' sales enablement practice. He has researched and presented to business leaders around the world on advanced concepts in optimizing sales talent, maximizing rep productivity, world-class sales leadership and sales enablement technology. Jim has published more than 200 research briefs and engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences, forums and executive presentations.

Leveraging more than 30 years of B2B sales productivity expertise, Jim leads Brainshark’s sales enablement and readiness strategy. Jim previously worked as a sales enablement analyst with SiriusDecisions, where he provided clients with data, insight and thought leadership to maximize sales effectiveness and accelerate revenues. Today, he uses his knowledge and expertise to prepare the Brainshark sales force with the knowledge and skills to optimize every buyer interaction.


More Ninivaggi on Sales Enablement

The Continued Evolution of the Sales Enablement Function

Lessons From the Sales 1%: How They Do It (and How You Can Too)



Scott Ingram of Relationship One is our guest for Sales Pipeline Radio.  Ingram is the author of the recently published book “Sales Success Stories: 60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals.”  Host Matt Heinz asks Scott what he learned about being a successful sales professional from the those he interviewed for his book.  They discussed:

  • How to work the mental game of sales: the importance of mindset
  • How the top sales producers get to the top and the skills required to stay there
  • Relationship-building methods to help you win and keep customers 
  • Why it comes down to momentum!
  • How humility and caring linked with confidence determines the top one percent in sales
  • How to avoid the ego/arrogance trap
  • How Scott’s Inspired Marketing Podcast  has helped Scott develop relationships
  • What Scott is doing to setup a Successful 2019

About the Book: Sales Success Stories: 60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals

Want to learn the insider secrets of the top 1% sales achievers? Discover the inspiring techniques of 20 sales VIPs so you can climb the ranks and bring in the biggest commissions of your career.

Fed up with the same old sales results? Tired of advice from so-called sales gurus who don't actually sell for a living? Want to learn closing techniques from real-world doers? Account director, podcast host, and top 1% achiever Scott Ingram has spent his whole life obsessed with sales. With nearly two decades of sales experience under his belt, he’s ready to share 60 inspiring stories to help you finally sell like a heavy hitter.

Sales Success Stories - 60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals is a powerful collection of the tales of triumph—and failure—from 20 amazing sales MVPs. Divided into four motivating sections covering mindset, relationships, sales careers, and sales processes, this book will show you how high achievers sustain stellar results on a daily basis. If you’re an ambitious and dedicated professional ready to climb the ladder to the top, then you need this road map to career victory!


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The Agony and Ecstasy of Annual Budgeting and Planning (Seriously!)




The best marketing and sales plans are the result of a process that addresses the business interests, revenue requirements and marketing goals of a company.  In this interview with TJ Waldorf, VP of Global Marketing for INAP, host Matt Heinz asks how INAP addresses the needs of the stakeholders to create a budget and plan.  In the first part of the interview we discuss the planning process, in the second half we explore how the budget is created.

 Some thoughts:


  • Starts early, in August and September
  • Get all parties on the same page to allocate resources of people and dollars
  • Discusses how he aligned his marketing and sales team
  • Explains the value of regularly scheduled meetings between sales and marketing
  • Talks about the need to develop a return on investment model that the CEO and CFO buy into
  • Goes into why creating a scorecard for marketing’s impact is important for everyone

About our Guest: TJ Waldorf  Vice President, Global Marketing

TJ Waldorf leads INAP’s global marketing organization as Vice President of Global Marketing. Prior to this position, he served as Vice President of Inside Sales and Marketing at SingleHop, which was acquired by INAP.

His previous experience encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing, sales, operations and business management positions, including management roles at Phoenix NAP and Secured Servers. There, he led initiatives to increase global market share across several data centers with a broad IaaS portfolio of dedicated and virtual servers, colocation, private and hybrid cloud.

About INAP

At INAP, we make performance-driven IT transformations a reality every day.   The performance of your IT strategy depends on the performance of your infrastructure—its speed, resiliency and scalability.  But as increasingly complex data center and multicloud solutions transform the ways we power applications and connect them to people, achieving the performance vital to the purpose of your organization is no longer straightforward.   From data center location and compute environments to network security and interconnection, myriad factors dictate the performance of critical workloads and systems.

Thank you to our sponsor, is a Chrome browser extension for your Gmail that allows you to track and schedule your emails.

It’s a super helpful recommend if you’re in sales because you can receive real-time alerts, right on your desktop, as soon as your prospects open your emails or click links within your emails.

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