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More Sleep, More Sales: The Direct, Science-based Connection Between Sleep and Revenue

May 12, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "More Sleep, More Sales: The Direct, Science-based Connection Between Sleep and Revenue".  Our guest is Jeff Kahn is CEO and Co-Founder of RISE.

In this current world of uncertainty, and stress, and work from home, and homeschooling from home, and all this crazy stuff, getting a better night's sleep is crazy important. Jeff has been at Rise Science now for over six years. I ask him why sleep is such a passion and why he created a business around this.

It was just the simple fact for us that sleep affects, as far as I can tell, every measurable thing that we do know about human functioning, sleep has an effect on that measure. So to think about something that impacts everything that you do, impacts how long you live, and then impacts billions of people, that, it's almost unheard of. There really is nothing else that really impacts people at that scale.

Right now, people are working harder. The boundaries between work and home have really kind of evaporated as we're working from home right now. Jeff gives us some examples of the impact and the correlation between good sleep and productivity, and why that's even more important right now.  Listen in to hear his answer to the question "Can you make up sleep debt?"

We talk about the science of sleep. We talk about precisely how getting more sleep can help you get more sales.  Jeff also tells us how the app works. Check them out, Go to your favorite app store and look for Rise: Track Sleep. They have generously made the app available for free right now to help folks sort of get through this current craziness.

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