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Does 2020 Have Any Silver Linings?


his week's show is called "Does 2020 Have any Silver Linings?" and our guest is Paul Roberts, Owner of OC Talk Radio.

This time we talk about silver linings. I not only share a little bit about my experience, but also that of dozens of CMOs I've interviewed over the course of the last couple of months.  We definitely identified some themes that have been helpful for them as well. So, I think it's useful for us to think about what has been good from all this as well and what that means for you going into next year and beyond.

Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog

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B2B Pet Peeves: Pipelines, Predictability, Control and MORE!


Today, in the absence of our scheduled guest, our producer Paul Roberts and I talk about B2B pet peeves. We have a great time.  JOIN US!

Just one example:  There have been books written about a predictable, repeatable, scalable engine of growth. A lot of venture capitalists have read those books and have then told their early stage companies, “If you just hire enough sales people and make enough phone calls, the math works out.” You have to start somewhere, so you start with the math and you start with the plan, but sales is never that easy. One of my pet peeves is someone who has never done sales, and never managed a pipeline, and never even carried a number say, “I read a book. Therefore, this is the way that we're going to sell,” right? I think that: A. books are great and books are important, but I think you've got to try new things. If everybody in the world just follows that book, then all of a sudden it becomes a little tough.

Listen in to hear about other B2B pet peeves....  What are yours?  Find the full transcription on our blog starting 6am PST on Monday, 6/11 and beyond.  

The Power of Radio: Building Trust, Credibility (and Pipeline)


Our scheduled guest was unable to make the live show... so host, Matt Heinz, talked with Paul Roberts, the announcer for Sales Pipeline and had a great conversation! 

Among other things (like the Super Bowl) we talked about: 

  • The pros, cons and benefits of podcasting
  • Storytelling
  • The importance of audio
  • Conversational selling and its importance in the marketplace
  • Podcast formats from Q&A to curated shows
  • Podcasts as unstructured learning time

Listen in now for our impromptu and insightful conversation!



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