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You’re Killing Sales Deals Without Knowing It: George Will Help You Fix It

April 21, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "You’re Killing Sales Deals Without Knowing It: George Will Help You Fix It" and our guest is George Bronten, Sales Effectiveness Pioneer at Membrain.  He also has a new book, "Stop Killing DealsHow to avoid deadly assumptions and achieve sales excellence.  

I ask George, how do I continue to sell with empathy? How do I create some sort of resonance and empathy with my prospects? I think there's still value in that, but over the last week I've heard more sales leaders talk about not just selling with empathy, but creating a level of compassionate urgency.

We have an opportunity as sellers to create some clarity and direction to help [prospects and clients] know what next steps to take to get out of it. 

I also ask George, what he is hearing from the people figuring out how to continue to balance selling with empathy with still moving their pipeline forward?  George has some great insights to share!  Listen in now or read the transcript on our blog starting Mon. 4/27 at 6am PST.  

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