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What’s Old is New (Again): Timeless (and Pandemic-Proof) Sales Advice from Joanne Black

July 8, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "What’s Old is New (Again): Timeless (and Pandemic-Proof) Sales Advice from Joanne Black".  Joanne is the Founder of No More Cold Calling 

I can't imagine a time when referrals or referrals and sales, referrals and business has been more important when channels are shrinking, budgets are shrinking. Joanne's been beating this drum for a long, long time and it's been important and prescient that entire time, and I would imagine she's hearing more from companies right now saying, "How do I build that referral culture?" I ask Joanne why she thinks it's coming up more often now and how has her answer changed or evolved over time?

Companies are really realizing they have to do more than just give lip service to referrals, to say to their sales team, "I'll just go ask for referrals." And they're finally realizing that's not working and realizing everybody in the company knows someone, but this word culture is important.

Joanne shares how she was afraid to use it for years. She says, "Well, maybe afraid isn't the right word, but it's because I worked for a consulting firm and they did culture work and it took forever and cost millions of dollars. So, that's not the picture I wanted, but it's really about how do you set a strategy, have goals, have metrics, build skills, have accountability, and make sure referrals become the way people work? And Matt, I found this wonderful definition of culture:

Culture is what happens when people aren't looking.

Listen in now for this and a lot more.  Read the full transcript starting Mon. 7/13/20 on our blog.  

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