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What Happens When Servant Leadership Meets Sales

December 3, 2021


This week's show is called "What Happens When Servant Leadership Meets Sales".  My guest is Jim Doyle, Author. Keynote Speaker. Principle Trainer at Servant Selling LLC. Senior Advisor at

Join us as we discuss some of the excellent themes in Jim's book, Selling with a Servant Heart. Ten Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income.

One of my mentors introduced me to the concept of "Servant Leadership" decades ago and I had to hear about how it relates to selling.  You don't want to miss this one!

Servant heart sellers get to the point of trust very quickly-- they come in armed with great questions--- they do their homework and they approach people with humility.  They have an attitude of service and curiosity. They practice acute listening and know how to tell people what they really need to hear... they know how to never be a commodity....this and so much more.  

Listen in now, read the transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 12/06/21 at 6am PST or watch the video!

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