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What Do Tina Fey, The Ohio State University and B2B Marketing Have in Common?

February 5, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "What Do Tina Fey, The Ohio State University and B2B Marketing Have in Common?" and our guest is Marilyn Cox, Vice President of Marketing at Clubessential Holdings, LLC

Sometimes I think of this term content marketing and it sort of demeans what the form and what the opportunity is. Is there a value in thinking of it as just content? How do you create content that engages, that persuades, that teaches, that makes people better? By doing that well, you're earning ongoing attention, you're earning the right to continue the conversation that might turn into a sales conversation, but is it wrong or is it counterproductive to call it content marketing or should we just create good content?  We talk about this and a lot more!

Marilyn is into WWE.  I ask about her interest overall, but also what makes these athletes such good storytellers?

I also ask her, given her diverse career, the different places she worked in marketing, what she'd say if she was sitting in front of a group of soon to graduate college students, what's some advice shed give them they might not hear from others that she thinks is important for their careers moving forward?

I think one of the biggest is ... 

I think I would agree when a lot of people say that you have to recognize that you don't have all the answers and you can't stop learning. For me, that's huge. If I were talking to people that were getting ready to graduate and were going into marketing and they were earlier in their careers, I think the one piece of advice I would give them to build on that concept is start to learn outside of marketing. Not to discourage people from reading good marketing content and best practice content, I absolutely do, but I think there is a lot to be gained from reading more on financials. I will say probably aside from, of course, aligning with a sales team, the organization that I align with the most at a company is always the financial team. The CFO is somebody that I make my best friend very, very early on.

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