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Virtual Sales Training: How To Support Your Now Entirely Virtual Team

March 24, 2020


This week's episode is entitled "Virtual Sales Training: How To Support Your Now Entirely Virtual Team" and our guest is Ray Makela, CEO and Managing Director at the Sales Readiness Group

I ask Ray, what's the advice you're giving to your client around how to adapt their selling strategy right now?

I think this is the time to check in, to build the relationship and hopefully collaborate .... but it's certainly not a time to push to close the deal... I think we do need to be sensitive to how they're showing up and how we're showing up. And I think we want to maybe frankly do a little less challenging and a little bit more consoling these days because it's a long game. And if there was ever a time to pay it forward and say, "How can we help? Let's kind of take the deal off the table for a moment. But how can we help you or what can we do to support you?"

I ask Ray to talk a little bit to the tension between getting close to the end of the quarter and hitting their numbers. How do you address that tension?

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