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The State of B2B Content: What’s Working, Failing & What’s Next

July 29, 2019


We are very excited to have with us Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President at PAN Communications.  At Heinz Marketing we were honored to partner with PAN Communications on their well known and regarded annual Content Fitness Report. Mark will talk a little bit about where the report came from and discuss key highlights.

The Content Fitness Report contains insights that have the potential to influence decision-making and strategy for marketers across the industry. This year’s survey touched on topics like content integration and executive thought leadership – areas that have continued to influence customers and prospects for both of our agencies. I’m excited I was able to collaborate with PAN as they celebrate six years of delivering consistent, impactful content marketing insights.

Get the free 2019 content Fitness Report HERE

Read more about Mark here.  

The full transcription of this episode will be our blog starting Monday, 8/5/19 6am PST.