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The rise of event marketing technology

May 2, 2017


In this episode: 

  • Why do events still matter?
  • How offline marketing and events should be measured and attributed like their digital campaign brethren
  • Determining KPIs for event channels
  • Choosing the right technology for your marketing stack

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As a leading SaaS marketing executive, Alexandra has built and led multiple software startups from seed through Series B funding, while tripling revenue year-over-year. In her first year as chief marketing officer for Event Farm, she designed, built, and quickly executed high-performing demand and lead generation strategies. Event Farm helps companies that utilize events in their B2B marketing strategies attribute revenue to those events. Customers include large companies like Google and JP Morgan, down to SMBs.

Alexandra believes in a value-add, content-first approach to marketing, allowing the companies she leads to be thought provokers and authentic educators rather than commoditized sales brokers. The Event Farm's content campaigns have earned them nominations and wins for multiple Killer Content Awards; more importantly, the content campaigns have led to an increase in leads generated by 1300% in the first three months.

Prior to becoming CMO at Event Farm, Alexandra was VP Marketing at Contactually, a relationship-based CRM where she grew pipeline from $95,000 to $1 million/month in 18 months. She started her career working in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 company, NVR, where she marketed and sold $10.8 million in residential real estate in her first year and was nominated for Rookie of the Year. From there, she launched her own startups--the most recent being a digital marketing agency that worked with e-commerce, consulting firms, and international manufacturers to use data from its marketing stack to understand buyer trends and paths.