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The Power of Podcasts & Radio (Why You Need One Too!)

March 3, 2021


This week's show is called "The Power of Podcasts & Radio (Why You Need One Too!)” and our guest is Susan Finch, President of Funnel Media Group LLC.

This week we talk about the podcast format and the power of podcasting in a digital world.  In this age of video, in an age of clubhouse, we talk about the continued power and importance of audio content.  Susan also shares some of the biggest hurdles people don't think enough about before they start.

The biggest thing you have to know is, why are you doing this? And be so brutally honest.

Learn more about what goes into the before and after to do a podcast well. If you are literally at square zero, what do you do to get started? She shares why is it useful to have a third party like Funnel Media Group come and help you build this foundation from scratch.  Listen in to hear Susan's go-to for transcripts and time stamping too and A LOT MORE.

To learn more, we highly recommend you reach out to Susan at [email protected].

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