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The Power of Brand in B2B: Best Practices from a Modern Master

October 16, 2019


Today we're honored to talk with Lindsay Pedersen, Owner at Ironclad Brand Strategy and best selling author of "Forging An Ironclad Brand: A Leader's Guide"

"Today the most scarce resource that most of us have is attention. Any tool that can break through or can harness attention, whether it's a song, or a brand name, or an image, is truly a multiplier."

According to Lindsay, "There's a distinction that's probably worth making that brand strategy is simply the definition of who you are and what is the promise you bring.  So what's the stake in the ground? Why should your customer part with their hard-earned money, or time, or attention for you? So it's really the definition of the value you bring and brand marketing and the tactics for brand marketing and brand awareness building which belong in the bucket of marketing and those can be kind of in conflict, some might say, with your term "lead generation".

Brand strategy is agnostic of tactics, just like your mission is agnostic of tactics, so related but distinct as well, right? So whether it's B2B or B2C being very precise about what is the value you bring your customer is worthwhile, regardless of what kind of company you are and regardless of what stage company you are. If you're a startup and you have a small marketing budget and a small innovation budget, you probably stand to gain even more from focus-- brand strategy is simply a tool for focus. So it's not less useful, it arguably is more useful as long as you're serving human beings who have scarce attention, it's going to be really welcome to have a focus."

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