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The Lost Art of Note Taking

November 24, 2020


This week's show is called "The Lost Art of Note Taking" and our guest is Saro Zargarian, Senior Director of Go-To-Market Operations at Blueshift and creator of the SMART BOOK FIELD GUIDE.

I am excited to have Saro on for a variety of reasons. He's been a leader in sales management and sales operations for a long time, but what really peaked my interest as a productivity organizational nerd, is what he's done with the SMART BOOK FIELD GUIDE.

It's nothing like I've seen before. I'm a big Getting Things Done fan with David Allen, I've used a variety of journaling tools, full focus planners, et cetera, but I've never seen something specifically for salespeople.

I ask Saro what was the impetus behind putting this together and where it came from.  It is a beautiful physical guide to helping sales leaders manage their day. 

Plan with Intent, Execute with Conviction

Saro talks about what that means and why intent and conviction are so important. 

This and a lot more! 

To learn more about Saro check out his website.  

Listen in now and read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 11/30/20 at 6am PST.  

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