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The Hidden Inefficiencies that are Killing Your Sales Workflow and Conversion Rates

March 6, 2019


Our guest this time is Shawn Herring, VP of Marketing at PandaDoc in an episode called, The Hidden Inefficiencies that are Killing Your Sales Workflow and Conversion Rates

As a new head of marketing at a startup, there's a thousand things to focus on. I asked Shawn (among other things):

  • What are the places you try to look at first when you're joining a new company?
  • What are the priorities you think are most important to drive some wins as a new head of marketing?

In early stage companies, they don't often starve. They drown. There's a thousand things to look at, right? As you think about the brand, you think about awareness, you think about leads, you think about supporting the sales team, you think about future opportunities.  I also asked Shawn:

  • As you look into the future, how do you think about those different priorities?
  • And how does a startup in a marketing environment balance traditional awareness, brand goals with really driving measurable pipeline as well?

What I've been focused on in the first six weeks as well as leading up to joining PandaDoc is trying to understand where is all the revenue coming from? What is the ideal customer profile, like just the traditional foundational items. And I get less concerned with leads. I get less concerned with MQLs. And I really get focused on pipeline, and then pipeline to close.

This is just a taste.... listen in now.  For the full transcript check out the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 3/4/19.  


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