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The Death & Bright Future of Marketing Agencies

August 20, 2019


We were thrilled this last time to talk to Dan Englander, in an episode called, "The Death & Bright Future of Marketing Agencies"

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Dan Englander is the founder of Sales Schema and he is also the host of the Digital Agency Growth Podcast.

There are so many different options across digital and non-digital. Is it possible to have a full service? As nice as it would be to have one agency, one throat to choke, is it feasible for any organizations to still have that even those large businesses like maybe CPG Brands that require that big thinking? This is just one question I ask Dan.  I also ask him to talk about how companies should think about this and about what he sees with marketing service companies in terms of their ability to find and win big deals.

You'll also hear him share what he sees in terms of their sophistication around sales pipeline strategy.  We touch on multichannel marketing and a lot more.  Listen in now or read the transcript on our blog starting Mon. 8/26/19.