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Sales Objection Handling from the Master: Insights from Best Seller Jeb Blount

November 6, 2018


Our guest, Jeb Blount CEO at Sales Gravy joins Matt Heinz to discuss his new book,

 Objections, The Art and Science of Getting Past No and a lot more!  

Check out the full transcript starting Mon. 11/12/18, 6am PST on the Heinz Marketing Blog.

"The one thing that every one in sales faces is objections ...You get objections when you prospect. You get objections when you ask for next steps. You get objections when you ask people to buy and no one's immune. So it doesn't make a difference what you sell, it doesn't make a difference if you're short cycle/long cycle, if you're enterprise, if you're less complex. It doesn't make a difference if you're an SDR or you're an AE or you have a full desk. It doesn't matter. Every single person that sells is going to face objections. So it's important that you understand how to deal with them and get past them so you can be successful in your role."

"I think it applies to people from all walks of life."

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