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Sales is a mental game: Master it with Sedric Hill on Sales Pipeline Radio

June 28, 2016


Listen in as we hear from Sedric Hill, Entrepreneur, Author, Thought Leader, Business Coach, Consultant, Sales Expert.

The journey to creating a more profitable business can only begin when people identify specific knowledge and skills that are necessary to skyrocket their businesses. In order to do so, they must learn how to unlock implicit cognitive skills present in everyone. Consciously applying these skills will help to increase profitable sales as well as overall personal success.

In order to avoid wasting valuable selling time, business professionals must harness what the author calls “the expert advantage.” Simply put, they must learn how to communicate persuasively with clients, prospects and other stakeholders. Connecting with their audience is simple once the essentials that most influence successful outcomes are learned.

Cognitive-based skills for communications are rarely taught today, especially in the sales and marketing fields. Hill, however, believes such skills are critical for anyone whose success depends on persuasive communication. He proposes two methods for increasing these mental skills, one cognitive and one app-based, that enhances skills with minimal time and effort.

Novice and experienced salespeople can both learn from the strategies Hill presents in this book. Additionally, trial lawyers or people in any field requiring the use of persuasive communication will find Hill’s suggestions beneficial. Succes http:// s in selling is not reserved for the experts; with the right tools, anyone can cross the bar to the next level of sales performance.

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About the Author:

Sedric Hillhas twenty-five years’ experience working in sales, training and development, and senior management. He has written several articles for mailing industry publications. Additionally, he is president and co-founder of Sales Development and Performance, a sales training and consulting firm located in Irvine, California.

Expert Selling: A Blueprint to Accelerate Sales Excellence by Sedric Hill was released by Morgan James
Publishing on May 3 2016. Expert Selling—ISBN 978-1630477165—has 254 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95.