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Profit Center Marketing

December 20, 2016

250-no-guestpng.pngMatt Heinz and Sales Pipeline Radio producer, Paul Roberts talk about Profit Center Marketing. Here's how you know if you are doing it right. IF you can related to any of the next three points, it's time to make a change:

  • If your marketing team is more focused on picking the right t-shirts for an event, rather than driving opportunities into the sales organization.
  • If your marketing department resembles an arts and crafts department.
  • When you report on operational metrics as opposed to business metrics.

CEOs don't care about clicks and retweets, about your open rates and probably don't care about your qualified leads.

So changing the thinking to changing it up to become a profit center requires this type of question: What do we have to do to get a blank check from the CFO of marketing?

"Give me a dollar and I'll make you three." THAT will gain their interest and they will then ask, "How long can you do that? Can you do it every month?" THIS is how you get the blank check. Keep listening. Matt will give you a to-do list to head toward this goal.