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Predictive Analytics vs. Augemented Intelligence

April 26, 2017



This is replay as Matt is at the conferences this week. 

Matt asked what AI means to sales and marketing leaders. Lara told us, "It's important to bring the augmented intelligence piece to help humans perform better. An example - a sales rep is working 4-5 deals critical for the quarter, with our software they can be notified if a change is noticed affecting their influence on the sales decisions by looking at more than past data." 

Our guest is Lara Shackelford of Altify. Altify sells to sales professionals. With their software, every sales rep can sell like your BEST sales rep. More reveals followed at DreamForce as it ties to AI and Einstein.

Matt then asked if there is there a difference between augmented and predictive analytics and intelligence. Lara gave a quick overview:
  • Predictive - predicts what will happen in the future based on a lot of data. This involves high quantity of data.
  • Augmented takes knowledge and context into providing a solution and be able to flag insights to alert the human to be more effective and generate results based on the data and knowledge.
This has been the missing piece - the CONTEXT. This helps guide the next best step. Catch the replay of this show to get more insights from Lara Shackelford.