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Personal Touch at Scale: How to Make Your Marketing (and Sales) Irresistible

June 12, 2019


Talking today with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, a fast-growing MarTech company that really helps create better customer experiences and is improving communication and getting attention from your target prospects.

We talk about the idea of personalization at scale. And personalization at scale doesn't mean you're doing everything in an automated way. Sometimes it simply means you have a system and a process to allow you to more efficiently personalize what you're doing, and it makes a difference. I think when you've got a set of target accounts, the question you need to ask isn't how much does it cost. The question more is "what is it worth?", "what is it worth to maybe not necessarily just spend more money, but also spend a little extra time creating something special?". And I think that's part of why I think creating a systematic way to really make a mark and stand out is so popular right now.

Sometimes it's not just about getting the demo or getting you to come to our webinar. Sometimes it's creating a unique experience that is memorable.

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