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New Lessons on Agility, Leadership and Focus from 2020’s Headwinds

November 5, 2020


This week's show is called "New Lessons on Agility, Leadership and Focus from 2020’s Headwinds" and our guest is Nimmy Reichenberg, CMO at Siemplify

We cover a lot of ground-- talking about the unpredictable nature of this year planning for next year. And we touch a little bit on the interactivity between sales and marketing and driving predictable pipeline. I ask Nimmy what were some of the shifts they had to make in terms of creating more efficient marketing opportunities.

I think A, we came up with content that was relevant for what our target market was going through. The second thing we did is what I call, embrace the suck.

Listen in now for this and a LOT MORE-- or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 11/09/20 at 6am PST. 

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