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How Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Can REALLY Co-Exist

October 29, 2019


This week's episode is entitled "How Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Can REALLY Co-Exist". We talk with Kevin Knieriem, Chief Revenue Officer at Clari

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I think one of the biggest challenges we've seen is the silos that exists between sales and marketing. I ask Kevin how he sees some of the leading companies addressing that.  And, how is he seeing them overcome that and actually create stronger bonds and cohesion between sales and marketing.

We also talk about how he's starting to create an operationalize revenue operations in his own company. He tells us a little bit about what he's seen and experienced including a set of best practices of how to take what can oftentimes be good strategic alignment between sales and marketing and really bringing that down to a tactical level like getting going from, "we agree to revenue responsibility across departments at S-K-O" to, what do we do on Tuesday?

He shares some keys to helping make sure that operational alignment happens on a day to day tactical level.

I think finally we're seeing a number of places where AI is having real practical applicability and it feels more accessible to organizations.

I also ask him, are there other applications of AI he sees specifically and are there additional elements that may be more theoretical now, that he thinks in the next 1-3 years are going to become more reachable?

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