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How Conversational Intelligence Can Increase Your Sales

August 29, 2019


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Our guest is Natalie Severino, VP of Marketing at  Among other things, I asked Natalie, over the course of the last few years, what have you seen as the evolution of the balance of those roles [Marcom, product marketing, demand gen, sales development], especially in a startup organization? How do you balance the need for good product marketing and effective clear marketing communications with sort of the continual drumbeat of we need more leads, we need more pipeline?  How do you balance all that?  

And we of course talk about the concept of conversation intelligence.  

Check out her advice to sales leaders, to male colleagues and peers in sales organizations, what to listen for, what to look for, how to be better partners in supporting women in sales, not just those women that are in sales today, but increasing their number and prominence and value.  This and a lot more!  Check out the full transcription starting 9/2/19 on the Heinz Marketing Blog.


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