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How B2B Buys Software in 2020 (and Beyond): New Research and Insights Revealed

December 11, 2020


This week's show is called "How B2B Buys Software in 2020 (and Beyond): New Research and Insights Revealed" with Russ Somers, VP of Marketing at TrustRadius.

We talk about their well known and respected annual survey, The B2B Buying Disconnect. It's a survey of over a thousand software buyers and vendors to get a sense of trends.  It's a deep, deep research piece. But this year, because there are so many changes in 2020, really generations shifting in terms of buying, a huge number of changes. It's the most dynamism seen in the market report ever, which makes it a really cool time to be in the business.  

Check out the 10 takeaways.  I asked Russ, of the key takeaways, what are things he thinks are the most urgent for sellers to consider as they approach how they manage their buying journey moving into 2021?

The biggest thing is you're not selling to the same person you used to, and that drives all these other changes.

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