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From Process to Profits: How Systems Will Increase Your Sales

November 27, 2019


In "From Process to Profits: How Systems Will Increase Your Sales", I'm talking about sales strategy with Bethany Fagan, CMO at PandaDoc. Full disclosure, I am a PandaDoc customer and a very happy one.  I wanted to have her on to talk about templates as part of the sales process. Sometimes things like templates can be perceived as perhaps less exciting parts of the process. It's not as exciting as the creative. It's not as exciting as let's go make more dials or figuring out how to get reps to engage with our prospects, to engage with our reps. But process and systems are the backbone of successful, predictable, scalable sales organizations.

We talk about what PandaDoc has seen on this and how important process and templates are. This and a lot more! 

Listen in and/or read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 12/02/19 6am PST.