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Explaining the prediction and arrival of the ABM wave

January 25, 2017

episode-card-250-jon-miller.jpgOur guest is Jon Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of Engagio. Here are some of the questions Matt covers:

  • When did you see the ABM wave coming?  At what point did you start to realize that lead-based wasn’t going to cut it anymore?
  • One of my biggest concerns with the term ABM is the “marketing” part of it, but “everything” feels to broad.  How do you think about that? 
  • Culture is a big part of making ABM work internally.  How do you encourage people to make the right internal moves to be successful with ABM?
  • This isn’t all-or-nothing right?  How does ABM integrate with other key marketing priorities moving forward?

About our guest: Jon Miller

Jon is a marketing entrepreneur and thought leader. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, an account-centric platform to orchestrate and measure Account Based Marketing and Sales Development efforts at named accounts. Previously, Jon was a co-founder at Marketo (Nasdaq:MKTO), a leader in marketing automation.

Marketing technology innovator, with previous leadership roles at Epiphany and Xchange, plus board/advisory roles at Scripted, Newscred, and Optimizely.