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Conversational Sales Presentations

July 5, 2017


Matt is inteviewing Nadjya Ghausi, Vice President of Marketing for Prezi. They'll take the topic of conversational sales presentations further. How a new approach to pitches can transform your engagement and results.

With a shift in approach, presenters can turn their presentations into dialogues, making them interactive and interesting enough to keep viewers tuned in while their pocket-sized screens remain in the pockets where they belong.

"They will also be touching on the recent study from Harvard University researchers, which sought to answer the question, "Does a presentation's medium affect its message?" The full content of that study can be found here."

Tune in for this conversation of ideas. Prezi would like to give you a gift for listening - their Conversational Presenting eBook.

About Matt's guest, Nadjya Ghausi

As Prezi's VP of Marketing, Nadjya loves building all-star teams with the power to drive global market leadership. One of the things she values most at Prezi is the ability to combine technology, data, and innovative storytelling to develop an authentic brand.

Before joining Prezi, Nadjya held leadership roles at E2open,, Agile Software, and IBM, and was a management consultant at Gemini. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, with an undergrad degree in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) from the University of Michigan.

Nadjya believes the secret to staying motivated is having a list of dreams that’s always a little bit longer than her list of achievements.