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Can You Predict Your Next Customer? Exploring the Intersection Between AI & ABM

June 26, 2019


Can You Predict Your Next Customer? Exploring the Intersection Between AI & ABM

Host Matt Heinz interviews MRP CEO Kevin Cunningham and they discuss the results that an enterprise-class account-based marketing platform can bring a company’s pipeline and revenue. They talk about:

  • How to leverage predictive analytics (PA) and AI to help companies better understand their target markets
  • Why PA and AI have allowed marketing to scale an entire target market
  • The value of AI which can look at a lot more data than has been possible in the past
  • Why the PA and AI combination shortens the whole process of getting prospects into the pipeline
  • How PA and AI find the right buyers at the right time
  • Why Predictive and ABM go hand in hand
  • Why AI is table stakes
  • Intent versus Predictive as a data source
  • Why Predictive improves the effectiveness of targeting ability
  • Why ABM powered by Predictive Analytics impacts sales

About Kevin Cunningham  CEO, President & Co-Founder of MRP

Kevin co-founded MRP in 2002. After years of successful growth in the US market, Kevin led the First Derivatives, PLC acquisition of MRP in 2008.  In addition to his role as CEO, Kevin serves on the board of Executive Management for First Derivatives. Since 2007, he has also served on the Board of Trustees of Settlement Music School, the largest community school of the arts in the United States. Prior to founding MRP, Kevin held several sales and consulting positions with technology companies now owned by Infor and Oracle, and began his career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Delaware and earned his CPA license. Kevin enjoys music, cycling and traveling.

About MRP

Founded as a company focused on providing net new sales opportunities for marketing and sales teams, MRP has evolved into a leading global predictive intelligence organization, combining cutting-edge predictive analytics with a full suite of account-based marketing services to acquire new customers, faster. Alongside Kx , MRP is a division of First Derivatives plc. As a global technology provider with over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest institutions, Kx technology delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics, and applications across multiple industries, and is the driving force behind MRP Prelytix.