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Balancing Brand and Demand: How to Drive Short and Long Term Marketing Objectives

June 18, 2019


Listen in as I to talk to Ryan Luckin, VP of Marketing at LevelTen Energy in this episode called, "Balancing Brand and Demand: How to Drive Short and Long Term Marketing Objectives"

After some fun sports talk ... we talk about balance between brand and demand ... about the intersection of brand and demand and how important, I think brand has always been quite frankly, the driving of demand. But now more and more markers, more and more companies, are realizing that that needs to be a defined and measured and a prominent part of their marketing mix.  I ask Ryan, at LevelTen now for almost two years, how they are thinking about that balance that is investing in the brand but also feeding a sales organization and driving some revenue responsibility?

Ryan says "Let's really focus on the demand generation but the brand (and I'm using air quotes, realizing nobody can see it). The brand has to be a bi-product of that. So what does it look like? What are the messages you're actually saying? And how are you saying them?"  Listen in for these answers and a lot more!  

The full transcript and recording will be on the Heinz Marketing blog starting 6/24/19 at 6am PST.  


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