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B2B Brand (and Rebranding) Best Practices

February 25, 2022


This week's show is called "B2B Brand (and rebranding) Best Practices".  My guest is Cindy Knezevich, Interim CMO at Salesloft.

Join in on our conversation to learn about Salesloft's journey at rebranding and:

  • Taking inspiration from B2C marketing into B2B marketing
  • The similarities between core values and brand attributes and how this relates to company culture and identity
  • How Salesloft focused on understanding the role of each group of stakeholders in their organization
  • What Salesloft could've done differently if they had another chance at rebranding

Listen in now, watch the video, and/or read the transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 2/28/22 at 6am PST. 

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