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Incremental vs Exponential Thinking: Why It Matters & How to Do It


This week's episode is entitled "Incremental vs Exponential Thinking: Why It Matters & How to Do It".  It's just me and our MC and producer, Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio.  Find out what wave machines and authors Hemingway and Chandler have to do with anything.   

The topic today I've been thinking a lot about is this difference between incremental and exponential thinking and what that difference is, what it means, why it's important.

Sales and marketing folks talk a lot about small tactical problems that provide incremental change, but... 

...We're not always taking the time to step back and think about the monumental changes that may be in front of us that if we could think more strategically about those, we might be able to move forward more efficiently.

Among other things, we also tackle the notion of a world without email.  If we assume email is no longer a channel, how would we think about other channels? How would we think about other means of communicating? If we could envision a world where something is no longer true, does that help us think not just incrementally but exponentially? And it's not to say that email is going away.

Listen in and/or read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 11/18 at 6am PST.  

Hitting the number vs. doing it the right way: Sales management best practices with Matt Heinz

We’re walking you through some ideas and tactics you can employ right now if you are already behind on your sales pipeline goals; there are things you can do from a marketing perspective, you can take a look at your pipeline and get yourself back on track.

What can you do at the beginning of the sales cycle to set the tone and feel successful? Get yourself positioned to hit your number. What are you doing daily in a disciplined, precise and focused that is helping you close those deals? 

Matt covers a few scenarios of salespeople: employees that are doing everything right - focusing on the right things, doing the daily work of moving deals forward - but are not hitting their numbers, and salespeople who are hitting their numbers but not going about it the right way. Do you let them go? Who is coachable? Who is working with the core values of the company?

This is an information-packed episode, and this time you get Shark Week comparisons. Don’t miss it!

Hit the Q3 Ground Running: A midyear pipeline assessment blueprint for your business - By Matt Heinz

What are we really doing to get prepared for the next selling season?

We’re taking a look at why a lot of people don’t hit their number. Any time there’s an end of month or end of quarter, it’s a good time to reflect on what went well and perhaps what didn’t.  We’ll take a look at some things companies can do monthly or quarterly to review how sales and marketing is working.

“Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth."

Why aren’t you making your sales goals? 

1. You don’t have a plan to begin with - Setting a sales goal is NOT a plan.
2. You don’t commit the resources required to sell - do you understand what you need?
No guest today, but we took live calls, which is a first for us - we tried something new for this show.

Matt covers topics including, “How big does your pipeline need to be?” and “How many qualified leads do I need?”

Don’t miss this episode! It’s basically a free consultation. 
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