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How to Personalize ABM: A Blueprint for Sales Executives


In this week's episode ("How to Personalize ABM: A Blueprint for Sales Executives") my guest is Kristina Jaramillo, President at Personal ABM.

I ask her to describe her approach and what her firm does. I love the angle they're taking, we don't see it often enough.

"We actually personalize everything from profiles, content, messaging, sales communications, because we want to get down to the level of the actual individual. Who is responsible within that account for different things? They're all going to have the end goal of increasing revenue for their company. But a sales rep is going to have a different goal than the SVP of Sales. Or whoever you're targeting, whatever decision making group you're targeting, they're all going to have different goals and we want to make sure to speak to all of them, so you can create that collective buy-in and change why they should be working with you versus maybe a competitor or why they even need to change at all." Read the rest of this entry »

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