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How to Create Effective Marketing in Difficult Industries


Another not-to-miss episode with guest Guy Weismantel, CMO at Pushpay.  Read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 8/20 at 6am PST.  

We talk a little bit about different go-to-market approaches when you get outside of the eco-chamber that many of us work within in SaaS companies and technology companies and selling to different markets.  He shares insights applicable in any industry and also touches on building culture within marketing.

A couple of questions Guy answers are:

  • Is there a difference with an audience that maybe doesn't have as much experience buying?
  • What were some of your priorities and strategies coming in?
  • What have you prioritized putting in place in the first half of the year?

"Sometimes it's not the most obvious thing, in terms of the bright shiny number. It might be something kind of under the radar a little bit that actually is more qualitative and it goes to how they can be better at their job, or get recognition or accolades, or save some time. Those kind of fluffy, less quantitative things sometimes are what gets us through."

  • What are some of the things that you think are going to continue to be challenging or a challenge that emerges that you're thinking about in advance and trying to address (Specifically around your go-to-market strategy)?

This and a lot more! 

 The offline blind spot for marketers in the omnichannel world


Join us this week when Robert Pease, Pipeline Practice Lead for Heinz Marketing hosts Guy Weismantel, EVP Marketing Marchex

They'll be tackling:   

The offline blind spot for marketers in the omnichannel world

  • How the complex omnichannel customer journey has transformed the role of the digital marketer
  • How does the offline blind spot impact businesses’ bottom line?
  • Why customers who call your business are your best customers and how markets struggle to target them effectively
  • How call analytics can help marketers develop a strategy to adapt to the omnichannel landscape
  • The importance of knowing where your best customers come from and how to better identify and target them to generate more sales leads and close more deals

Definitely check out the Marchex Research Report: The Offline blind spot and the modern marketer: Optimizing the path to purchase when your prospects become customers offline

More about Guy:  He is currently EVP and CMO of at Marchex, where he helps marketers find their best customers--the ones who call their company. They'e found they convert faster, buy more, and churn less. Marchex helps companies drive more calls, understand what happened on those calls, and converts callers into customers. At Marchex he leads a predictive, data-driven marketing team that is delivering new awareness of our category and company, new pipeline for our enterprise and SMB sales teams, and new products and differentiate us from the competition.

He is a marketing leader with 20+ years experience in driving bottom-line results through differentiated branding, product messaging and positioning, and customer engagement. He's had the chance to build businesses from the ground up, as well as work around the world in global organizations. The common thread through all his experiences is the ability to build and lead great marketing teams and achieve outsized results for my company. 

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