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Three Ways to be a Winner in Pipeline Development



Our guest this week is Dan Frohnen, Vice President of Marketing at Skedulo.  

Sales/Sales Development/Marketing: The Trifecta for Successful Pipeline Development

Trifecta: any achievement involving three successful outcomes

Pipeline development is not a one department job. In order to succeed in this day in age, modern marketers need to take a seat at the revenue table and own the revenue number along with their Sales peers. That means driving pipeline, owning successes and misses, and continuing to up the game to beat competitors in this noisy world we now operate in. What’s better than one team winning … three! Join Matt and Dan as they discuss steps you can take to up your pipeline game and build the ultimate trifecta.

About the Guest Dan Frohnen

Data-driven Marketing Executive. Focused Team-Leader skilled in consistently delivering innovation, visibility, and sales for on- and off-line marketing and demand programs. Expert in building strong organizations with a 360-marketing mix / demand generation programs including market research, social media, trade shows & events, digital, direct marketing, public relations, advertising, e-mail, analysis, CRM, marketing automation, SEO / PPC, creative brainstorming, sales / market development strategy and partnerships.

Passion for conceptualizing and implementing marketing strategy, exceeding targeted projections, and leading teams for both B2B & B2C programs. Strengthens organization with out-of-the-box thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Specialties: Large Team Leadership, Lead / Demand Generation, Problem-Solving & Optimizing, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Business / Sales Development, Strategy & Analysis, Go-To-Market Strategy, International Marketing, Tactical Execution, Marketing Mix Integration, Start-Up organization, Growth, Turn-arounds, and Operations.


Christine Zmuda, Sr. Dir. of Sales at Microsoft on How Microsoft is Shaping the Future of Sales



Listen in to hear us: 

  1. Matt the host and Christine touch on Microsoft and the LinkedIn Acquisition One Year Later.  Provide context for how Microsoft and LinkedIn are partnering to drive relationship selling impact.
  2. They talk about how CRM Systems no longer need to be a system of oppression.
  3. Christine Discusses how Machine Learning and predictive analytics change the day to day life of the seller.
  4. They talk about what an innovative solution like Microsoft Relationship Sales has in common with a well known music app (Shazam). Making the magic happen!
  5. Christine offers thoughts on how the conventional sales tactics will no longer apply.
  6. Zumda share how the use of new selling tools and technologies change the buying and selling experience?

(Read the transcript and listen again on the Heinz Marketing Blog.

 Download the Microsoft Ebook – Empowering the Modern Seller 

About Our Guest:  Christine Zmuda, Sr. Dir. of Sales at Microsoft.

Christine says of herself:  My passion and professional satisfaction comes from identifying market opportunities before they are mainstream. My most rewarding roles and accomplishments have centered around developing sales and market strategy for emerging businesses and scaling new acquisitions. I'm always open to learning more about technology and happy to share my own experiences of leading sales, marketing, and channel teams if it's helpful.

On a personal note, I enjoy golf, tennis, spending time with my family and embracing new experiences. My new found love is abstract painting, the bigger the canvas the better.

It all starts with a problem! - Jill Konrath at her best - A podcast with Matt Heinz



In this episode Jill Konrath talks about starting her business and her guiding philosophy of, "It all starts with a problem."

I'm very honored to have Jill Konrath join me to talk about her latest book, More Sales, Less Time.  

Jill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh strategies that actually work in today’s sales world.

Listen in to hear how someone with a Bachelors in Education ended up getting into sales, let alone becoming a keynote speaker in one of the world's preeminent sales office.

Jill shares some great insights including the inspiration behind her books. 

"It starts with a problem. It always starts with a problem and in every case and every book I've written it started with a problem that I faced.  And when I face it initially, I get really discouraged and I bat my head against the wall and say, oh I'm so stupid. I can't figure it out and then I finally realize that it's not just my problem, but other people are struggling with that issue, too. And then I go to work and it becomes like a puzzle to me and how to solve it. So, I actually dig in and wrestle with the material myself til I can figure out what works today. And then, again I guess because I do come from teaching roots it's real important for me to make it easy for people to understand.


"When people are this busy, you have to fundamentally shift how you do things in order to peak your curiosity, make them stop and listen and actually then respond to you and say, hey I'm interested in learning more."


"One thing I always try to stress with people is that they really need to stop and think about what they're doing and they need to strive for maximum impact in every single customer interaction and that customer interaction may be a 20 second email message. Maybe a 60 word ... or 20 second phone message, a 60 word email message, you know, but what can you do to have the maximum impact and I think way too many people in sales just say, make more, do more, send more, have more meetings. But, to me the smartest thing to do is ensure that every single interaction provides some value and moves you toward things"

Keep listening to hear Jill's perspective about women in sales and a lot more! 

Read the entire transcription on the Heinz Marketing Blog on.  


Why Cold-Calling Works from Mike Schultz of the Rain Group



Enjoy this BONUS Episode - Q & A with Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group

A few highlights... we talk about: 

  • New research proving that cold calls and outbound still works to generate sales
  • Insights into what buyers wants from sellers
  • Which channels work, in what context and sequence, to create sales pipeline

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Top Performing Sales Propsecting

More about our guest:

President of RAIN Group, Mike Schultz is world-renowned as a consultant and sales expert. He is co-author of several books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller Rainmaking Conversations: How to Influence, Persuade, and Sell in Any Situation (Wiley, 2011) and Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently (Wiley, 2014). He was named the Top Sales Thought Leader globally in 2011 by Top Sales Awards.

Mike and the team at RAIN Group have worked with organizations such as Toyota, Monitor-Deloitte, Harvard Business School, Oracle, Fidelity Investments, Ryder, Quintiles, UL, Navigant Consulting, Hitachi, Lee Hecht Harrison, Lowe’s, and hundreds of others to unleash sales performance.

News outlets such as Business Week, The Globe and Mail, Inc. Magazine, MSNBC, and hundreds of others have featured Mike's original articles and white papers, and frequently quote him as an expert. Mike’s most recent research includes What Sales Winners Do Differently,Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, and theTop-Performing Sales Organization.

Along with his books, Mike has written hundreds of articles, case studies, research reports, white papers, and other publications in the areas of selling and marketing. He also writes for the RAIN Group Sales Blog. Mike is also the director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research.

Mike is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA with a B.A. in American Studies, and holds an MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College. Mike is currently on the faculty teaching sales at the Brandeis International Business School. Mike also enjoys fly fishing and golf, and actively studies and teaches the traditional martial arts of Seirenkai Karate and Jujitsu, holding the ranks of third degree black belt and Sensei. He lives on a lake west of Boston.

Practical MarTech: How to Make Marketing Technology Work for You (Not against You)



Great guest this week-- Marilyn Cox, Vice President of Marketing and CRM at The Second City.

In this episode, "Practical MarTech: How to Make Marketing Technology Work for You (Not against You)" Marilyn gives us some great lessons from improv as well as active listening for B2B sales and marketing.

The biggest thing, one of the core principles of improvisation is the idea of yes-and. So it is the idea of recognizing and building on the ideas of others. And a lot of us don't want to admit it, but we do have a knee-jerk reaction to shoot down an idea when somebody brings something up. And so the idea of yes-and is really at the root of everything we teach, and work on.

Many other improv principles are built into this. So the idea of bring a brick and not a cathedral-- that you are not having to do this by yourself. Rely on the team and the ensemble you have around you... there are just so many really fantastic ideas that help you engage and interact with not just those people internal to your organization, but also people that you are trying to reach, you're trying to communicate to, and those you are trying to better understand.

I also ask Marilyn how she built her marketing technology stack at Second City.  How do we build what we need to manage our business? and to build our own scalable predictable sales pipeline for that?--What were your priorities? When you've been given a blank slate, how do you approach that?

Read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 9/2 6am PST.  

Training & Professional Development for your Sales Managers: New Best Practices from Norman Behar



This week Norman Behar, Founder & Managing Director at Sales Readiness Group joins us as we focus on content and best practices.

Sales Readiness Group has been around for a long time. They've been recognized as one of the top twenty sales training companies in the country by Selling Power magazine and featured as the Sales Training Company to Watch List by Lots of accolades for the team.  They just released a new report (The Salesperson's Perspective on the Impact of Sales Training) that I'm actually pretty excited about. It isn't just about training and best practices but really showcases salespeople's perspective on the impact sales training can have.

One of the questions that often comes up from sales leaders is, "Okay, so we've done sales training in the past, but sometimes it's been effective." Sometimes it has a lasting effect, but in many cases, it doesn't necessarily have a lasting effect, and so we wanted to better understand what's really important to salespeople and what's the business impact associated with sales training. We know that companies are investing more than ever in sales training. There was a stat by Training Industry showing sales training now is estimated at a 2.5 billion dollar market globally, and it's grown by one billion over the last seven years.

So, you've got these two--I'm going to call almost mixed signals coming out. Sales leaders who are saying, "Is there really a strong correlation between great sales training and business results?" And at the same time, you have this huge increase in spending, so obviously we think companies are pretty smart. They wouldn't be spending more if it wasn't impacting their business, but we wanted to really get the sales rep's perspective and understand what is it that makes for a great training program and how does it actually impact business. And we had some pretty interesting results.  

Listen in now and find the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Monday, 8/20 at 6am PST.  


Why Closing is the Easy Part of a Sale-Anthony Iannarino & Matt Heinz


Join host, Matt Heinz and his guest, Anthony Iannarino as they review Anthony's book, The Lost Art of Closing. 


Amazon reviews show 4.9 out of 5 from 96 reveiws.  

Kindle  $13.99, Hardcover $16.40 Audio CD $27.00 

Talking Points: 

  • Why clsoing isn't the most difficult part of a sale.
  • The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.
  • The Lost Art of Closing will help you win customer commitment at ten essential points along the purchase journey.
  • You’ll discover how to compete on value, not price, by securing a Commitment to Invest early in the process.
  • What’s changed about closing?
  • How to ask for a Commitment to Build Consensus within the client’s organization, ensuring that your solution has early buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Why so much emphasis on change?
  • How to prevent the possibility of the sale falling through at the last minute by proactively securing a Commitment to Resolve Concerns.

They will also talk about CEB, changes in sales, and how sales now requires better marketing. 

About Anthony Iannarino

ANTHONY IANNARINO is a highly respected international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader specializing in the complex business-to-business (B2B) sale. He is also a founder and managing partner of two closely-held, family-owned businesses in the staffing industry, leading both entities in strategic planning while growing sales. Anthony is best known for his work at The Sales Blog, which has helped him gain recognition as a top thought leader in sales strategy. He is also the designer of Level 4 Value Creation™ and Building Consensus, methodologies that help sales organizations achieve transformational, breakthrough results.

How to Create Effective Marketing in Difficult Industries



Another not-to-miss episode with guest Guy Weismantel, CMO at Pushpay.  Read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 8/20 at 6am PST.  

We talk a little bit about different go-to-market approaches when you get outside of the eco-chamber that many of us work within in SaaS companies and technology companies and selling to different markets.  He shares insights applicable in any industry and also touches on building culture within marketing.

A couple of questions Guy answers are:

  • Is there a difference with an audience that maybe doesn't have as much experience buying?
  • What were some of your priorities and strategies coming in?
  • What have you prioritized putting in place in the first half of the year?

"Sometimes it's not the most obvious thing, in terms of the bright shiny number. It might be something kind of under the radar a little bit that actually is more qualitative and it goes to how they can be better at their job, or get recognition or accolades, or save some time. Those kind of fluffy, less quantitative things sometimes are what gets us through."

  • What are some of the things that you think are going to continue to be challenging or a challenge that emerges that you're thinking about in advance and trying to address (Specifically around your go-to-market strategy)?

This and a lot more! 

It’s unbelievable what you can get done if you don’t care if you get fired! Joe Chernov


Click and Listen to Joe 


Our guest is Joe Chernov. He's the Chief Marketing Officer at @InsightSquared. He also lends a hand to startups and wildlife causes when he can. Diving right in, he says, "It's unbelievable what you can get done if you don't care if you get fired!" Talking about his experience at Eloqua, "If we were to publish something that is valuable, we could edge our way into deeper coverage by the media." 

Scorecard - even though we're not supposed to keep score: 
  • 16 articles after spending 2 years developing a product and writing up the release.
  • An infographic got 800 articles. Very eye-opening.
Why it Matters
Joe says, "Content marketing is what happens when a marketing department shifts its thinking from knowing that the company that signs their paychecks needs to shift to the customer signs the paycheck."
That shift in mindset turned collateral into an ebook, a self-serving whitepaper into a more valuable, lengthy piece of content.
 Point: The opportunity to leverage the correct content through the active sales process:
Best content ideas come from your sales people. Conversations with sales will be the source of the best ideas.
Example: They publish a issue of their "blog" once a month that includes a recap of 4-5 articles on similar content. Each month has a new theme which helps to focus the articles on that topic. 
He's talking about a sales team creating an editorial calendar. You heard Matt right.
Point: Personas as a driving force for effective content.
Personas help reduce the size of your universe so that as a writer or content creator, your writing universe is smaller which helps guide the writing and allow it to be less daunting.  But, he cautions against being way too specific with a persona. "Susie Seller" is just a role in an organization. We don't need to know which college she attended or coffee brand she prefers, unless you are selling coffee.
People have a hard time comparing their content metrics to their business metrics.
The very best way to shine a light on the value of your content is to look at lead quality. Your lead or transactional content success could be measured by downloads, subscribers. These are higher value than typical leads.  
  • You want to know did they close?
  • Did they move deeper into the funnel than other sources?
  • Lead Quality tops the list for this comparison and measurment.
Favorite KISS song and why: Deuce. Gene Simmons wrote it on a bus. It's about absolutely nothing. 

How to Build, Manage and Mobilize Customer Communities: Q&A with Nick Jordan



We pack a lot into this episode as I talk to Nick Jordan, CMO at Logic Inbound.   

Among other things, I ask him what are some of the challenges you've found in trying to build a marketing community? Sometimes we try to produce marketing events, and well-meaning people don't always come out in the way that some other groups, like IT and others, might do. So why do you think that is, and what are some keys to actions when trying to build that active marketing community?

What are some of the ways you, or some of the formats of community you find the most successful? Is it lunch and learns, is it networking happy hours? Are there certain topics and formats that tend to work better in terms of getting marketers together?

Nick is all about building community amongst marketers.  Check out his answers as well as his number one growth hack for growing communities-- it's something everybody can go ahead and start implementing, as soon as they're done listening to this podcast!

More from Nick:  "I'm passionate about developing and growing businesses. A million side projects, a few startups, and one ride on a rocket ship as an early employee at BitTitan. Today I leverage my experience building businesses to help companies identify and execute on growth opportunities @ Logic Inbound."

Check out the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 8/13/18 6am PST.