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You Can’t Execute Anything From a PPT Deck  – Josh Baez and Matt Heinz Podcast

November 27, 2019


This show is all about taking an idea into execution from the individual pieces, people and departments.

  • From vision to results
  • How to decide if a campaign is even possible

Listen in as Matt talks with our own Josh Baez, Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing in an episode called, "You Can’t Execute Anything from a PPT Deck  – Josh Baez and Matt Heinz Podcast". This is Josh's third appearance on Sales Pipeline radio, and just like SNL, Matt says he will get a special jacket when he hits five appearances. 

Josh is a plant dad. He is a Death Cab for Cutie super fan.

Matt and Josh talk about how to take things from strategy into execution, doing it the right way, and taking the time to think through all the details.  They also touch upon sales and marketing collaboration. This and a lot more!


Sales Pipeline Radio is hosted by Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Heinz Marketing is the sponsor of Sales Pipeline Radio.

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