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The Perfect MarTech Stack?  How to Customize Software to Your Business

March 10, 2021

This week's show is called "The Perfect MarTech Stack?  How to Customize Software to Your Business” and our guests are Subbu Vempati, CEO at Cuspera and Judy Ash, GTM Adviser and CMO.

The idea of selecting your MarTech stack and selecting the right sales and marketing tools is something most marketers are grappling with.

The problem is getting worse because there are more and more tools on a regular basis. I feel like if you go and talk to each of them, if you go to every tool's website or you see them in a trade show (eventually we'll see them at trade shows again), you go to their website and you hear from them-- everybody individually has a great story.

It sounds like a good pitch. Sounds like a good opportunity, interesting, but you can't buy 7,000 tools. So the idea of selecting which tools are important to you, which vendors are going to be best for your business and for your stack is a real challenge.

I ask Subbu to talk a little bit about why he decided to go down the route of creating a tool to help people make better technology decisions. 

We also talk about the importance of knowing what are the outcomes you are trying to achieve as well as what capabilities you need and how peer feedback can really help us.  Don't miss Judy's insights! 

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