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How to Win at Bat to Win the Game – Dave Lorenzo 5 minute Podcast

December 30, 2019


In this 5-minute extract from Dave Lorenzo’s interview with Matt Heinz we learn the kernel of truth that drives a new business relationship that turns into a sale or becomes a bust.  This is part of the discussion with  Dave Lorenzo about his book, "The 60 Second Sale"

To hear the full interview, go here:  Can a First Impression Make or Break Your Sale? Q&A with Dave Lorenzo

"The 60 Second Sale is about creating a condition under which, if your best client, the person who trusted you most in the business world, had a need and you called them up, it would only take you 60 seconds to close that deal. So, if you are adding value to somebody who already trusted you, you could close a deal in 60 seconds if you met those exact conditions. The book is about creating those conditions every single time. It's about taking what everybody would think of as a one-call close environment and making the relationship the one-call close."

"Another way to look at it is to take the individual moments of truth that occur throughout the day with our clients and with the evangelists who are out there recommending our services, and winning each of those individual moments of truth. So, you create an environment that is one of trust, and you make sure you're always focused on the wants and needs of your clients, and you can close a deal in 60 seconds."

Listen in to hear Dave's thoughts on how to build the relationship, to create those conditions and needs. He talks about the things required to create differentiation, separation in what can be competitive markets.

Check out the full transcription and recording on the Heinz Marketing blog.

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