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How to Set Hundreds of Appointments with No Cold Calling (Here’s How Guidant Financial Does It)

February 7, 2019


In this episode host Matt Heinz interviews Guidant Financial CEO Dave Nilssen.  They discuss his entrepreneurial journey and an important moment in time when he knew he had to pivot to a new business. 

  • Nilssen describes how his aversion to being sold changed his model for selling
  • Why "cold calling" wasn't an option for his business
  • How he moved from a monthly to a quarterly dashboard for planning
  • How he created “Inbound” lead generation tactics that fill his pipeline 
  • How they created good relevant, creditable content
  • Nilssen talked about the The Pivot which is a process, a moment in time, when it is suddenly clear that the time has come to PIVOT to a new business model
  • The PIVOT can be from one business to another
  • The PIVOT can be from one career or job to another
  • How to analyze the business gap


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