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He Predicted Marketing Automation and ABM.  What’s Next?!

February 3, 2021


This week's show is called "He Predicted Marketing Automation and ABM.  What’s Next?!" and our guest is Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase

I ask Jon how do we get beyond ABM? If this is a marketing exercise, you're neutering its impact from the beginning. 

The account-based revolution isn't over. 

There's a reason why everybody has adopted account-based, but traditional demand generation is fishing with a net, whereas account-based marketing is fishing with a spear.  You throw your net out, you see what you catch, you don't know what you catch versus you go after the big fish.

But I've been thinking a lot about the limitations of both ABM and fishing with a spear. And partly, it just comes down to...

It doesn't feel very good to get poked by a spear.

I think, fundamentally the fact that with traditional ABM, we would identify the accounts we really wanted to go after, and we'd go after them, regardless of whether they were interested in hearing from us or if it was the right time. And so, you end up having this world where we were doing traditional demand gen, which was great, because we only called people who had high scores and we thought really actually were ready to be called. With ABM, we were calling people regardless of whether they were interested.

Is there some way to merge these concepts?

Is there some way to bring the engage-ability of inbounds with the precision and targeting of ABM?

I think I've come up with a concept that I've been playing with a little bit, and that's the phrase of account-based experience, or ABX. And I think account-based experience is a customer-centric rethinking about how you go after accounts, but really rooted on that buyer experience.

It's about engaging with these modern buyers on their own terms, letting them be anonymous when they want to be anonymous, being really helpful and relevant when they're ready, always based on trust.

And the other cool part about ABX is it fixes the biggest problem in the ABM name, which is it had marketing in there. And as we all know, it's bigger than just marketing. It's got a hold on the market team. 

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