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Can Knuckle-Dragging Salespeople Still Succeed? 

January 21, 2019


John Crowley in this interview with host Matt Heinz said “We live in a Jetson world, but it is the Flintstones that are Winning.”   John is referring of course to the subject of his best selling book, Knuckle Dragging Sales.  Crowley is co-founder and creator of the Knuckle Dragging Sales System.  Author, speaker, mentor, coach and just a Knuckle-Dragging Sales Guy, John and Matt discussed what drove him to write the book and create a system that is not fraught with the usual sales gimmicks, shallow tips and tricks.

In the interview they discuss:

  • How salespeople are getting distracted by tips and tricks from books and podcasts, but ignore the basics of a professional salesperson.
  • John explores evergreen sales skills that must be learned and relearned to be successful in sales.
  • How technology is not always the complete liberator that it is supposed to be in delivering tops sales performance.
  • Why human interaction is the cornerstone for successful sales.
  • The reason that superior listening skills delivers happy customers
  • How no one in sales can completely succeed without delivering value to the customer for the entire sales cycle.
  • Why a strong sales mindset is the basis for success that cannot be ignored.

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