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Business Activity vs Lead Generation – Where True Demand Comes From

February 26, 2021


This week's show is called "Business Activity vs Lead Generation – Where True Demand Comes From” with Justin Shriber, CMO at We're talking about signals and trigger events you can pull out of your consolidated information to have better contextual conversations with your prospects.

We have complex buying journeys that not only take a long period of time, but also sit across multiple members of the buying committee. We also have multiple people on the selling team. So if you have an insight, it's not as binary as saying, "Well, let's put that into an email sequence," or, "Hey sales person, go mention this on your call." Ideally it's integrated across multiple channels in an appropriate sequenced way.

Justin and I talk about how sales and marketing are increasingly embracing that complexity and he shares some keys to helping companies integrate those insights and those triggers into that more complex nuanced sequence. 

Listen to the end to hear some great lessons he's taken away from COVID and from other experiences like it as well.  This and a lot more! 

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