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Predictable Pipeline with Robert Pease


Guest host, Robert Pease,talks about predictable pipeline. Some of the point covered include:

  • Have you built the marketing plan around the revenue plan?
  • We really need to accelerate. Basically we need more customers.
  • Someone who comes to your website and downloads a white paper, that's a content lead. That's not remotely sales qualified.
  • If you don't know who you're selling to, you don't know that there's a market or that there's a need in the market for what you sell, that's going to wound you.


7 Essential Building Blocks for High Performance Sales Development


We spend a considerable amount of time working with clients on their sales outreach and engagement processes here at Heinz Marketing.  This has been more recently defined as the discipline of “Sales Development” and is something we believe every company should have a competency around. 

How you identify, engage, and convert new customers is fundamental to business operations and there are so many ways to do it poorly that end up frustrating prospects, employees, and sales leaders.

To avoid the frustration and to get maximum return out of your sales development efforts, we have developed the following seven essential building blocks for high performance sales development. Host, Robert Pease, will be going through the list in this episode. Be ready to take copious notes. You'll be glad you tuned in.

Original post on this framework is here > This episode dives in deeper based on reader feedback and questions.

ABM Noise Making you Kranky?

episode-card-250-marketing-kranks.jpgIf you haven't caught their podcast yet, it's not too late to binge listen to Robert Pease & Brian Hansford's show - Marketing Kranks on SoundCloud . Today they are taking over the show for Matt, who is traveling. The topic? All the ABM Noise.... the good, the bad, the ugly.


The many challenges of channel sales enablement & engagement with Justin Johnson

episode-card-250-justin-johnson.jpgHost, Robert Pease welcomed Justin Johnson, CEO LeadMethod. This is about the challenges and opportunities of a scaled distribution model - through partners, resellers, distributors, outside reps.

Some of what LeadMethod tackles is the fundamental challenge unique to channel partners distribution vs. opt in, direct method. To get the critical feedback to better understand who is where in your pipeline. This is a challenge they tackle to add to your efficiency.

There are so many different elements that companies are creating in order to come together to collaborate and communicate that sometimes it falls apart.

How do you get enough data to draw conclusions on what is actually working with partner networks? It becomes a black hole of information.

Engaging the distribution group and collecting the critical feedback --THIS is key.

You have to look at why CRMs were built. Understanding what the the customer bought, who they bought it from; and then it morphed into a lead management system. But they take a lot of training.

Listen to more of the clarification and reasoning behind channel sales enablement in this episode.

10 step pipeline performance checklist.

episode-card-250-pease-10steps.jpgGuest host, Robert Pease went through this pipeline performance checklist. Get your notepad out for this one. A few of the steps included:

1. Understanding our target customer. 
What makes the best customer for the product you sell? What makes for the longest term customer?
The goal is to get into the consumption patterns of this optimal customer. You have to be stingy with sales time and efficient with marketing spend. You don't want to reach out to marginal prospects.

2.Knowing what a qualifying customer looks like.
It isn't just the person who has downloaded your most recent whitepaper. They are most likely not ready yet.

3. The message that you use. 
Speaking to your ideal customer profile to attract the qualified leads you are looking for. Understanding their problem and provide the solution they are seeking.
Understand a day in the life, the pressure - LISTEN first. 

Be patient with the overall sales process. 07:00

You can't close in the first contact. 07:15

4. Understanding your Conversion rates. It's not about quantity.
Don't like the numbers? It's either you are not giving them what they expect on the landing page, your content stinks or they were not your target in any way.
5 visits and 3 conversions is better than 100 visits and 1 conversion. This is simple.

5/6. Follow up and Engaging context.
If you tell someone your going to do it, do it.
If you promised to follow up with information, do it, send it.

You'll need to listen to the full show to get all the tips and explanations.
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