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Managing Massive MarTech Migrations: Strategic & Tactical Best Practices with Tracy Eiler


We were thrilled to talk with Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView Technologies in this episode called, "Managing Massive MarTech Migrations:  Strategic & Tactical Best Practices with Tracy Eiler

She is the author of her own book, Aligned to Achieve ... I highly encourage you checking that out on Amazon.

Tracy's Dreamforce deck, referred to on the show, is Here.  Definitely take a look while listening (or later)!

This info. is helpful not only for those thinking about a transition but for prioritizing MAP objectives/needs no matter what platform you use.

We talk about, among other things, requirements that go into why you make a marketing automation transition. Tracy talks about gathering requirements and thinking through strategy and needs from demand gen and from marketing ops. 

Listen in to hear her explain how the sales team is involved and how should you help manage people through the change management AND keep morale high throughout the process as well.

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