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Selling Across Channels and Industries: Hitting Your Number No Matter the Conditions


In this episode entitled "Selling Across Channels and Industries: Hitting Your Number No Matter the Conditions", We're talking to Todd Rychecky. He's the Vice President of America sales for Opengear. We talk about keys to developing a successful reseller strategy and talk a little bit about what it takes to build a team and getting that channel up and running. Part of the keys to success for those building out a channel program is really effective communication and coordination between yourself and between the channels. We talk about what that requires from a marketing perspective as well. For organizations used to having more direct control over the sales organization, you lose a little control with the channel side, which makes communication and messaging that much more important. He shares some keys to make sure that runs smoothly... this and a lot more!

The full transcript will be on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 10/07 at 6am PST.  



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