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Actions Sales Leaders Need to Take in a Recession


This week's show is called "Actions Sales Leaders Need to Take in a Recession" and I'm joined by Steven Benson, CEO of Badger Maps.

We've all been faced with headwinds this year in terms of shifting demand, shifting way people sell, opportunity and challenges. I ask Steven about the advice he has given to the outside world and how much of that have he had to apply to his own business. 

Steven talks about the importance of changing your messaging to better fit with the world and the mindset customers and prospects are in, in a down economy versus a good one.  Specifically, helping companies to do more with less. And then, showing prospects exactly how much in terms of dollars, you'll be able to help them do more with less.

It could be less money, manpower, resources, whatever. We went through this exercise ourselves. It's a good example, but when times are good, the sales team and the marketing team at Badger, their messages is, "Hey, we're going to... We'll help you sell 20% more with your field sales team". And we shifted that messaging to, with Badger Maps, your outside sales team can generate the same revenue, even though your team is 20% smaller. And there's a huge difference in these two things, even though it's basically saying the same thing we're going to help you do better, but then one of these messages resonates way more with prospects in a down economy than the other.

This and A LOT MORE!  Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 9/28 at 6am PST.  


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