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Sales Call Coaching Done Right: Q&A with Steve Richard


Reviewing your pipeline, making sure you have your fundamentals in place, taking a look at what’s working and making sure your reps and your team are performing optimally...all are vital to your sales success. Today’s guest, Steve Richard, is a perfect fit for our recent conversations.

Steve Richard is the founder of Vorsight and Chief Revenue Officer of ExecVision. “Chop the dead wood out of your pipeline.” 

Sales managers should be identifying what reps could be doing in the field to improve - more isn’t always better. The conversations sales reps have with customers is an asset. Get them into your CRM system. 

Get Steve’s advice on how to coach your sales reps and make sure they are taking ownership of their own work - listen to one of your own sales calls per week. Cull the time spent on coaching. Even the best need coaching - continual improvement is the key. Ask yourself: What do my best reps do differently?

This is a powerful episode filled with actionable tips for making the most out of your reps’ sales calls. Don’t miss it!
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