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Successful Selling for Professional Services: An Unstoppable Approach from Steve Gordon


This week's episode is entitled "Successful Selling for Professional Services: An Unstoppable Approach from Steve Gordon" and our guest is Steve Gordon, Founder of The Unstoppable CEO.

We cover strategy methodology for sales and marketing professionals all the time and naturally end up talking mostly about selling products.  It's not often we step back and say, okay, "What is it when you're selling what people DO?"

I facetiously tell people, as a consultant I talk and type for a living, so I don't necessarily have the same widget to be able to sell to everybody or the same piece of software to sell. So selling in professional services obviously is very much a thing.

In this episode I ask Steve how is that different and why do people need to think about this a little differently when you're selling professional services versus selling product? And for smaller organizations--- is the answer to that to separate your services from your selling? Is there a way to make that transition? If you are a small firm and representing yourself, what are some of the strategies that you've found work best?

This and a lot more!

Listen in now or read the entire conversation on our the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 3/9 at 6am PST.


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