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Where the next B2B unicorn will come from: Q&A with 9Mile Labs’ Sanjay Puri


Our Guest this week: Sanjay Puri, Co-founder & Partner at 9Mile Labs

9Mile Labs is a high-tech accelerator based in Seattle, WA, focused on Enterprise / B2B software and cloud technologies.
Are there fewer start ups in the B2B space?
If so, why?
Consumer side startups sometimes have good crazy and some bat-poop crazy ideas - that's what innovation and entrepreneurship are about. The ideas flow freer with B2C.
Enterprise level B2B start ups usually started out in the industry for year seeing the pain experienced and wanted to solve those pain points.
It has to do with a vision around a product. But what is lacking is the customer conversation and intimacy to take the initial idea and taking it to a bankable product or service.
It has to be incessant customer conversations involving insights as to how this idea will be shaped moving forward.
You need to listen to this show for the insights and experience by 9Mile Labs and Sanjay directly.
Sanjay started his career building database applications at Oracle. Sanjay co-founded in 1999 which exited successfully in 2001. As a products executive at startups (iConclude, Opsware, Edifecs) and large companies (Microsoft and HP), Sanjay has helped companies achieve successful exits and exceptional revenue growth. Sanjay holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.
Listen in on our lively discussion. 
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